COMPULSIVE is the working moniker for me - Matt Hopper. I'm  a filmmaker with a degree in Visual Art and Philosophy. For the past decade I've produced video projects across both big and small screens for international brands, boutique creative teams as well as government & institutional clients. My work covers television commercials, documentaries, branded content, social media, original web-series,  educational video content and photography.

I try to bring to every project a passion for creating refined and unique work, an empathetic spirit for collaboration and a trained eye for detail. I believe that it's these skills that have helped me maintain many long-term relationships with clients and workmates alike. I particularly enjoy working on projects that improve the human condition.

Experience: Video directing and producing, video content workflow, advertising and marketing, interviewing and presenting, script writing, animation, online video activation & distribution, music composition & sound design, digital strategy, creative team leadership and client relationship management.

Video production services Melbourne, Australia.

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